The goal of Istra Camping Club Loyalty Program is to enable the clients of Plava Laguna d.d. who are participating in the program using the benefits described below.


Istra Camping Club: a brand (verbal and figurative trademark) owned by the company Plava Laguna d.d. who is the organizer of the Loyalty Program and the owner of the accommodation facilities participating in the program. Plava Laguna d.d. is a company that in the implementation of the program, as the main body guaranteeing the rights prescribed by this program, requires responsibility of the members and (or) provides the members other warranties.
Program: a loyalty program that Plava Laguna organizes under the name Istra Camping Club. All copyrights on this program belong exclusively to the company Plava Laguna d.d.
Client: a client who has not yet accessed the program and has accepted the General Terms and Conditions of the Program.
Member: a client who has joined the program and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of the Program.
Point: unit value expressed in points. Points can be substituted for discounts or other services within the camp managed by the Plava Laguna d.d. Company. One point has the value of € 1 (the equivalent of).
Card: the Istra Camping Club Card received by a member as a confirmation of membership status for the purpose of collecting and exchanging points and achieving other rights described. The Istra Camping Club card is not transferable to other people.
Program Partner: a business entity outside the company Plava Laguna d.d. that provides benefits to members of the program.


Any adult physical person can join the program by filling in the required information in the application form at the reception of the facility, or through an online application form. To become a member, the client must provide the necessary information and fill out the application form. Membership in the program is free. A member may at any time terminate his membership in the program with a written notice. This implies a withdrawal from the program, which permanently stops the existing relationship between the member and the Istra Camping Club program and terminates all the benefits associated with membership in the program.


When signing up, a client receives a temporary card and starts collecting points and earning various benefits. The member will receive a permanent card during his next stay. The permanent card contains name, surname and unique membership number. In order to collect the points, the member has to indicate his membership card during the check-in at the facility and when paying the bill. A requirement for the use of the card is a presence of the person the card is addressed to. The member should not lend, transfer or sell the card; otherwise he will lose all rights from this program. The member is responsible for all activities related to his card account. Each member must notify Plava Laguna d.d. in case of change of personal data (name, surname, address, e-mail address). Istra Camping Club Card is owned by Plava Laguna d.d. and Plava Laguna d.d. reserves the right to withdraw or disapprove the card if the member does not use the card under the terms and conditions of membership.


The Programme consists of two membership levels: Standard and Premium. When a member enrols in the Programme he/she enters the Standard level. The membership at the Premium level is acquired when the conditions of stay are met, that is, more than 14 overnight stays in the course of one calendar year or when a member and his company accumulate the costs of more than € 500 during a calendar year. The billing cycle is from 1 January until 31 December of the current year.
Those members who meet the conditions for the second level will be informed about it and will be issued with the card of the Premium level.
The membership at the Premium level lasts in the following calendar year, after which a new billing cycle follows.


The Istra Camping Club card may not be used retroactively and points are not awarded for stays prior to the implementation of the Istra Camping Club Loyalty Program.

There are three ways how to collect the points:

a) Stay – a Loyalty Program member gets from 2% to 4% of the value of each stay, depending on the membership level, in points added to his card account. The valid costs of stay are defined in Article 6.1. When paying the bill at the reception or sales points, a member is obliged to present his membership card.
b) Club ambassador – Valid only for reservations made through the Contact Centre. a Loyalty Programme member who brings a new guest to the camps of the Plava Laguna d.d. Company gets 10% of the value of the stay of the new guest (and the persons in his/her company accommodated in the same accommodation unit) expressed in points. For example, if the costs of a new guest are in the value of € 500, the value of 50 points will be added to the account of the Istra Camping Ambassador Club member. When booking the accommodation, the new guest must be sure to note the name and surname of the Ambassador Club member and specify the number of his card. The Ambassador's points will be calculated only after his friend pays the bill for his stay at the reception desk of the accommodation facility.
c) Promotional activities – Plava Laguna d.d. may award points for promotional purposes.
In order for a member to use the benefits of the program, it is necessary to present the card upon the check-in at the accommodation facility and when paying the bill. These conditions must be respected.

6.1. Valid costs of stay

Valid costs of stay include the costs incurred during the stay of a member and his accompaniment in the accommodation facility. This includes all costs in the accommodation unit (price of accommodation, price per person, plot of land, various supplements, various fees), services that occur on the spot at the points of sale within the hotels or apartments that are managed by Plava Laguna (food and beverages) and VAT. Calculation of points is based on the total amount of paid valid expenses. The bill must be addressed to a member of the program. Points are added to the card account within 7 days of the transaction.

Non-eligible expenses are non-board services such as: testen op COVID-19, internet fee, cleaning, telephone, parking fee, residence tax, tips, fees for services and other applicable fees, in-store purchases, sports and golf green fees.
Points are only earned by eligible expenses that are effectively paid, after the Member redeem the points gained in his or her previous stays.
Points for the current stay are starting to collect after the guest becomes a Member of the program. Collecting points can be combined with other membership cards such as ADAC or any other card of the national auto club, but only one of those cards can be used for one-time payment of the bill. Therefore, members can collect points by using other membership cards with as well by means of which they also get discounts.

6.2. Who can collect points

The guests that are using Plava Laguna services through agencies or booking accommodation through portals of online travel agencies, as well as guests who pay a flat rate tourist tax, are not entitled to discounts or collection of points by staying in accommodation facilities; neither can they use points to pay for their stay. Said guests cannot use the points to pay for their stay or the flat rate tourist tax. Only members who have come to the accommodation facilities via Istra Camping channels (istracamping.com, Contact Centre, Reception) can get discounts and collect points. Points can be collected for all expenses that happen on the spot (food and beverage consumption and the like) at points of sale within the accommodation facility run by Plava Laguna d.d. All points of sale where points can be collected are appropriately marked. Those members who do not stay in the camp but who only pay fees for their trailer at the lot, do not collect points on that amount. The card can only be used by the member on whose name it is addressed. If a member fails to stay in the facility, the use of discounts and collection of points is not possible. Points can be transferred to other members. For this purpose, it is necessary to complete the request for transfer of points (online at istracamping.com or via Contact Centre).

6.3. The validity of points

Points are valid for the period of 3 years (36 months) after the last activity. The validity of the points is not extended, but all points collected are valid for three years from the date of the collection. When spending not all but only part of collected points first will be spent those points that have been collected first. If points are not spent after three years from the time of collection, these points will be deleted from the member's account without notice and without the possibility of their return or replacement. Membership in the program remains valid. The points do not have a cash value. Points are awarded only for effectively paid eligible costs after a member replaces already earned points.


The points can be exchanged for the benefits during each of the next stays of a member in an accommodation facility.
Between the transaction at which the member collects the points and the transaction at which he is planning to use the points has to pass for at least 7 days. When using the benefits, 1 point is worth 1 euro (e.g. a member who has collected 10 points at the next stay is entitled to use 10 euros). A member is obliged to present his/her card when checking in at the facility and when paying the bill so that he/she can request the collection of points, that is, use of benefits/ points. The maximum amount of discount that a member can get using the points cannot be more than 90% of the total invoice amount that a member has to pay for his stay in the accommodation unit. Each time a member makes use of the points for payment of accommodation, they are deleted from his account.
As for the benefits which are acquired with the Programme Partner (discounts for excursions, rent-a-car and various other activities), a member is obliged to present to the partner the card by which he/she is entitled to the benefit. Plava Laguna d.d. is not a provider of the mentioned services and cannot give guarantees for their quality. Plava Laguna d.d. reserves the right to terminate the cooperation with the partners at any time without giving reasons. Club members will receive information about current offers and deals, appropriate promotional materials, satisfaction/quality surveys, and other surveys related to user experiences at Plava laguna d.d. facilities to the e-mail address indicated in their registration. Club members have the right to unsubscribe from these notifications at any time.


Accommodation facilities belonging to Plava Laguna and participating in the program are as follows:
Camps: Camping Bijela Uvala, Camping Zelena Laguna, Camping Ulika, Camping Puntica, Camping Park Umag, Camping Stella Maris, Camping Savudrija, Camping Kanegra and Camping Finida.
Plava Laguna d.d. from time to time can expand or modify the list.


The processing and protection of personal data Plava Laguna d.d. collects from its members (as data subjects) is subject to the Privacy Policy published at istracamping.com. For any questions relating to personal data, members may contact us via e-mail at dpo@plavalaguna.com.


Plava Laguna d.d. reserves the right to complete or partial suspension or modification of the terms of Istra Camping Club program. Plava Laguna d.d. will take all necessary steps to promptly inform members about possible modifications or discontinuation of the program and will therefore not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by members when the said changes are effective. The current general terms and conditions of the program are available at the web address istracamping.com.


A member can view all the information related to the program on the website istracamping.com. For any questions about membership, as well as notification of change of personal data or any other information relevant for the membership, a member can contact the following email address: loyalty@istracamping.com or contact us via the online form. If a member notices that the points have not been properly assigned to his account, he may send an email to the following address: loyalty@istracamping.com with a copy of the invoice of the accommodation facility in which he stayed.

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