Croatia's tennis capital offers the best courts and amenities for professionals and enthusiasts alike, along with world-class campsites and lovely beaches. The perfect chance for an ace.

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Umag is well connected to the world, due to its location on the northwestern Istrian coast and several airports nearby (Pula and Trieste). Organize a pickup, and in no time you are getting ready for a bike ride of your life, through thick, shaded woods, onto sunny hilltops with views of medieval towns around you and the river Mirna. You can take the seaside promenade into town and up the coast, to some wild beaches and exciting sights. If you prefer, you can run or walk these same trails.

Those who want to see more, but not linger, 4x4 all-terrain vehicle ride into Istrian mainland may be just the thing. You'll travel across the wild terrain, reach medieval forts by goat paths and have dinner at hidden, of the beaten path konobas serving authentic Istrian feasts - like Istrian “supa”: equal parts red wine, olive oil and toasted bread.

When it comes to food, Umag will amaze you. Being at the centre of an agricultural region means almost all of the food is produced locally and is as fresh as can be, even the fish and shellfish. Enjoy. When you ask for the wine list, go for something local too, like crisp Malvasia or Teran.

If you've already done the mandatory fish picnic, where you get up in the morning, get a sailor's breakfast of dry figs and brandy, before exploring islets and coves of Istra, maybe it is time to go to Venice by boat. Even if you've been to Venice this is an entirely new experience, as the old lady opens to the sea, you'll be visiting Venice the way it was done when it was built. By boats.

If you mention Umag in casual conversation chances are someone might mention the ATP tour or how it is the European city of sports for 2018. While in Umag you can do all kinds of active-sport things every day and all the time. Start your day with yoga or a gentle stretch, maybe play some tennis at one of the numerous world-class courts, even get a personal trainer to finally work out your backhand.

If you've come with a group, you can form teams and try football, volleyball, handball.

If you've always wanted to try golf or you play often - Umag got you covered too. Nearby Savudrija has a golf course with 18 holes, so go putt.

Beaches come in naturally rocky, white pebble, concrete plateau and even some sand for the little ones. Most have freshwater showers, parasols or natural shade and disabled entry points. Ideal for lazy seaside days.

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