While you're relaxing at one of Istra Camping's campsites, take the opportunity to get to know the towns nearby. You'll discover that there's so much to see, explore and taste that one trip simply won't be enough! It's a good reason to come back to Istria and have completely new, surprising experiences.



Sports and time in nature, the sea, gourmet food, world-class wines and olive oil, culture, family, history and tradition... Istria has all this to offer! If we add the fact that this heart-shaped peninsula is the most successful tourism region in Croatia and home to some of the best campsites in Europe, it becomes immediately clear that you simply mustn't miss Istria on your next camping holiday!

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Its rich history and cultural heritage has made Poreč the tourist centre of Croatia, and it will win you over with its beauty and wealth of amenities. Enjoy a stroll towards Zelena and Plava Resort, where you will find modern seaside campsites for an unforgettable family holiday.

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Umag is Croatia's tennis capital and host of the Croatian Open ATP Tournament, so make sure to come if you're a tennis fan. Choose a four-star campsite, stroll along the seaside promenade from the old town to the marina, take your kids to the aquarium, and have a great time.

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This picturesque town is located atop a hill, offering an unforgettable view of the sea, vineyards and olive groves. Visit to take in the view, stroll through the old town and taste wines in one of the numerous family wineries in the surrounding area.

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If you set off on an excursion to the interior of Istria, don't miss visiting Brtonigla, especially if you love good food and wine. This town rich in history and natural beauty offers a wealth of restaurants with local cuisine, and some of the best Istrian wines and olive oils are produced in the surrounding area.

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Funtana is a picturesque town south of Poreč and the ideal destination if you're looking to visit a good restaurant or spend a day with your kids at Dinopark.

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