With a truly special outdoors and clean, fresh air, Umag is the ideal place to enjoy an active vacation. The most accessible and popular place for a walk is the seafront. At every one of our hotels, apartments and campsites there are tidy walking paths offering a view of the Adriatic Sea. Visitors seeking something extra should read our recommendations on local natural attractions further in the text.

Top 5 outdoor attractions:

1. Sipar archaeological site

Normally surrounded by the sea, this archaeological site is accessible by foot from the shore at Sol Katoro and Polynesia when the tide is out.

Sipar archaeological siteSipar archaeological site

2. Katoro Squirrel Park

Right next to the Melia Coral Hotel is a pine forest where perky little squirrels abound; watching them is a joy for the entire family.

Katoro Squirrel ParkKatoro Squirrel Park

3. Škarline Falls

Those looking for walks and the outdoors can follow the two-kilometre trail from Brtonigla to see the natural phenomenon of the Škarline Falls.

Škarline FallsŠkarline Falls

4. Mramornica Cave

Open to all explorers seeking adventure: this adventure requires only a fifteen-minute car drive to Brtonigla.

Mramornica CaveMramornica Cave

5. Butori Falls

Those looking to flee the summer heat can take a car ride to the small town of Oprtalj where, along the road, near the village of Marušići, they will find this wonderful waterfall.

Butori FallsButori Falls
  • Sipar archaeological site
  • Katoro Squirrel Park
  • Škarline Falls
  • Mramornica Cave
  • Butori Falls