Poreč is the prime tourist destination where at any time of the year there are plenty of events taking place. Find out where, what and when and book accommodation at one of our hotels.

Free Poreč MTB Tours: through Poreč’s forests, vineyards and olive groves

If you love off-road terrain and you’re fit enough to pedal for around 40km, make sure to try the free MTB tours offered in Poreč. Ride unbeaten trails through the picturesque forests, olive groves and vineyards of Poreč and end your ride by the sea.

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Free Poreč MTB Tours: through Poreč’s forests, vineyards and olive groves

Iron Girl & IronKids in Poreč, 9th May 2020

After a successful triathlon 5150, Croatia will host two other special events of 2020: IRON GIRL Poreč, Croatia - intended solely for women aged +16, and IRONKIDS Poreč, Croatia - which offers children ages 6 to 15 an opportunity to test their strength in a customized triathlon race. Athletes will compete in the beautiful Zelena Resort, a truly magnificent location by the Adriatic Sea.

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Iron Girl & IronKids

Plava Laguna Triathlon 5150 in Poreč, 10 May 2020

On 10 May 2020, Poreč will host the second edition of the largest triathlon in Croatia – the 5150 triathlon.

The race will take place in Zelena Resort, where the attractive courses will lead you through the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.

This is an ideal opportunity for setting a personal record, while the most successful competitors will have the chance to win the qualifying slots for the Ironman Austria - Kärnten Klagenfurt race.

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Plava Laguna Triatlon 5150
5150 and the 5i50 logo are trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation. Used here by permission.

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