CampingIN Park Umag

Ladin gaj 132a, 52470 Umag, Istria – Croatia | Tel.: +385 52 713 740 | Fax: +385 52 713 752
Open: April 20th - September 30th 2018

New at CampingIN Park Umag in 2017:

  • Free Wi-Fi internet is available across the entire area of campsite (in areas where there is sufficient signal strength)
  • New Glamping zone
  • Newly-renovated pirate-themed playground with sand floor
  • Newly-renovated beach
  • The afforestation project continues

New Glamping zone

A great deal of care has been paid to the infrastructure in the zone, from the high level of basic infrastructure (SAT TV, Wi-Fi, lighting) to the rich horticultural landscaping. The zone has been conceived as a no-car zone – parking spaces and main avenues of traffic have been placed at the edges, and each tent is accessed via a footpath.

Afforestation of CampingIN Park Umag campsite

An intensive afforestation project has been underway at CampingIN Park Umag campsite for years. Exclusively for your delight during the summer months, autochthonous and domesticated tree varieties have been planted including Maple, Cypress, Chinaberry, Honey locust, Pine trees and Oak. Each campsite zone boasts specific plant varieties to create a unique surrounding but also to keep the recognizable, heterogeneous campsite scenery.

IN Piazza - Family Fun & Food Point

New in this year's offer at the CampingIN Park Umag: a zone created for families with a one of a kind culinary offer and fun activities for every member of the family. This pet-friendly point is located in the Lavanda zone with a view of Canova beach.

Camper clean

CampingIN Park Umag is the first campsite in Croatia and this part of Europe which provides an innovative and environmentally friendly device for emptying and cleaning of camper cassettes with chemical contents.

The device works by inserting coins, while its installed “smart” technology makes it adapt to the degree of the pollution of camper toilet cassettes and trailers, while minding the potable water consumption and protecting from unpleasant smells. After the completion of the cleaning, the toilet cassette is filled with the right amount of fresh water and microbiological sanitary additive, and it is immediately ready for further use.

By introducing the Camper Clean device into its largest campsite, Istraturist Umag once again confirmed its leading status in providing camping services in Croatia, preservation of the environment and saving natural and energy resources.

The producer of the Camper Clean device, German Ralf Tebartz & Mark Butterweck GbR., was awarded with a special recognition for camping innovation by German automobile club ADAC at last year’s CMT fair in Stuttgart.

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