Naturist camping in Istria

Naturism is a lifestyle. It is living in direct contact with nature, soaking up the sun, escaping the “ordinary life”, routine and enjoying freedom. Naturism is healthy, as the combination of salty air and water with the sun is scientifically proven to cure many ailments. Starting with a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

The history of naturism in Istria is very long and respected, with some of the campsites in the region being the largest and oldest in Europe, so visit one if you prefer spending your holidays with optional clothing.

Naturist campsites at Istra Camping in Poreč and Umag are places people return to year after year, to enjoy a holiday where they do not waste time thinking about what to wear during the day or at the beach. They are family places, with children playing without a care in the world, as they should.

Guests staying at Istra Camping naturist campsites can choose a perfect pitch with all connections for tents and camper vans or a fully equipped mobile home.

You'll meet people from all around in the world and have interesting conversations - or spend a quiet, private holiday in a campsite with amazing sunsets.

If you don't know where to start, try Ulika in Poreč or Kanegra near Umag.

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