Mobile homes - camping in luxury!

A constantly rising camping trend is mobile homes rental. It’s easy to see why: you can enjoy all the amenities of an apartment or a beach house, while experiencing the contact with nature and freedom that only a campsite can offer. In other words, you get all the camping perks, along with air conditioning, crisp bedding and towels.

Istra Camping offers mobile homes accommodation in campsites Camping Park Umag and Camping Stella Maris in Umag, and Camping Ulika in Poreč. Our mobile homes accommodate from 2 to 6 people and are fully equipped. You get a kitchen with all the cutlery and utensils, a furnished living room opening onto a terrace through a glass door. Bedrooms, one or two bathrooms and WiFi.

Exclusive mobile homes with a pool

Enjoy all the perks of exclusive accommodation in Camping Park Umag, with a private pool shared by five to eight mobile homes. Camping Stella Maris boasts Premium and Superior mobile homes, an ideal solution for families of up to six members. Camping Ulika is among the rare naturist oases that has been offering mobile homes for many years now. Three shared pools have been added to its new, Premium mobile homes for three or five persons.

Mobile homes for naturists

If you'd like to forget about clothes for a few days, at Camping Ulika naturist campsite you'll find cosy mobile homes with a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Ulika opens the 2021 season with 22 brand new Premium mobile homes for three or five persons, with three shared pools set in a carefully landscaped area.

Whatever campsite or mobile home type you chose, you’ll always be minutes away from the beach or the pool, and have at your disposal all of the campsite amenities and activities.

Why wait - book now!

Spend your holiday in an Istra Camping mobile home! Get in touch with nature without having to buy or rent all the equipment. Bring your dog. Invite family or friends. Relax a lot on your wooden porch with a glass of fine local red and some fish on the grill.

Sounds nice.

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