Camping Park Umag is the most popular campsite in Croatia, second in Europe!

Camping Park Umag has confirmed last year's success as #1 Croatian campsite by the interest of visitors on the ADAC website. On the same renowned list, Camping Park Umag holds a high second place in Europe in terms of visitor interest.

ADAC Superplatz 2024. - Camping Park Umag

Besides that, Camping Park Umag is the winner of the most significant quality award by German campers – ADAC Superplatz 2024.

This is a traditional, annual recognition of the largest European automobile club with more than 18 million members.

The remaining eight Istra Camping camps – Camping Bijela Uvala, Camping Zelena Laguna, Camping Ulika, Camping Puntica, Camping Kanegra, Camping Savudrija, Samping Finida and Camping Stella Maris – are winners of the ADAC TIPP label for 2024.

Croatian's best Campsites 2024 - award for six Istra Camping camps

The Croatian's best Campsites award given by the Camping Association of Croatia this year went to the following Istra Camping camps - Camping Stella Maris in Umag, Camping Park Umag, Camping Savudrija and Camping Ulika in Poreč, Camping Zelena Laguna and Camping Bijela Uvala. They proudly carry the Croatia's label again this year Best Campsites 2024.

Naj kamp Adria 2023 – Camping Bijela Uvala and Camping Ulika

The Slovenian camping web portal organized the selection of the best camp in Croatia and Slovenia - Naj kamp Adria. Two camps of Istra Camping also received this prestigious award for 2023 - in the category Istria, large camps, camping Bijela Uvala won 2nd place, and in the category FKK camps Croatia, 2nd place went to Camping Ulika.

The awards have once again confirmed that Istra Camping campsites in Umag and Poreč are popular and modern destinations where you can find all the necessary infrastructure as well as top-notch services, good fun, beautiful pools and beaches, restaurants and activities for the whole family. All this is the result of Plava Laguna’s continuous investment in improving the quality of Istra Camping campsites. In recent years, a complete reconstruction of Camping Stella Maris campsite in Umag was carried out. At the same time, Camping Park Umag has received a new swimming pool complex Canova Pool and additional pitches, along with the refurbishment of the Canova Bay beach. As far as destination Poreč is concerned, investments were made in the improvement of accommodation capacities, pools and beaches, and the modernisation of sanitary facilities, children’s playgrounds and sports infrastructure.

A lot has been invested in the digitization of business processes, such as online check-in, self-check-in and the mGuest application, in order to make the stay of guests in the camp as pleasant and simple as possible.

Spend your summer holidays in the best campsites in the region. Take your holiday to the next level in Istra Camping campsites.

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