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• I/we hereby accept and abide by the terms and conditions of Croatian Law and recognize same as the only authority for interpretation, application and legal consequences of all allowances, exclusions and conditions of usage with regard to all web pages. The Courts of Croatia are to be recognized as the sole authority for all demands and disputes which may arise as a result of usage of the web pages or related to the web pages. Istraturist Umag Inc. will not guarantee that the contents of its web pages are appropriate or available for users in certain locations, i.e., Istraturist Umag Inc. is not responsible for access to their web pages from those territories where the web page contents are forbidden by law. Therefore, unlawful access to the web pages from such locations will be the full responsibility of the user(s), according to local laws.
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• Istraturist Umag Inc. may at any time without prior notification update and/or change data published on their web pages.
• Please note that sending private messages via electronic mail on the internet may be unsafe and subject to unauthorized access by any third parties or by misdirection. All messages received by email will be considered unsafe and thus Istraturist Umag Inc. will not be responsible for the safety and privacy of such messages. Istraturist Umag Inc. holds all rights to reproduce, utilize and/or distribute such messages to any third parties without limitations. Further Istraturist Umag Inc. reserves all right to use for any purpose, all ideas, plans, experiences and other forms of knowledge contained in such messages. Without explicit written approval, any reproduction, copying, or distribution of design and/or technical background of Istratourist Umag Inc. web pages is strictly forbidden. This applies also to individual elements of web pages, Istraturist Umag Inc. logo design and brands of products in their possession. Unless otherwise agreed upon, all documents, data and information published on the web pages are for personal use only, with full and due respect for all copyrights and ownership rights, as well as the rights of all third parties.